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I am a recently ordained Conservative rabbi with a long-time fascination with head-covering in all of its forms, especially (but not only) Jewish ones.  I've been covering my head for over 7 years, in one form or another- first as a devotional practice, with either a kippah or a headband, and since my marriage, as a marker of my marital status as well.

Besides my head-covering interest, I'm a trained hospital chaplain, and finished my residency in fall 2013.  I am also invested in talking about practices around niddah (Jewish law pertaining to menstruation and sexuality), diversity in the Jewish community, and the interaction of gender and Jewish observance.  My recreational interests include crochet, science fiction and fantasy, and hula hooping.

My husband is a rabbinical student at Yeshivat Chovevei Torah- he's finishing this year.  It gives me a view from "both sides of the aisle" when it comes to the Jewish world.  He and I go over many of the texts and translations that I offer on this blog together, although the writing is mine...

I am available by email at: mkosowsky@gmail.com, as well as on facebook (Maya Resnikoff- and this blog also has a facebook page), and on Pinterest.

I'm available for consultations, teaching and shiurim on this topic, among others.

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  1. I just found your blog in doing some research on the marriage headdress of Teimanim. You have some interesting insights and I'm sure I will check back often. I recently started a new blog and am currently doing research for the historicity of the mans turban in Jewish culture. If you have any insights I would appreciate it. Todah. http://jeffjewish.blogspot.com/