Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Ambivalence About How-To Style Videos

I just came across a bunch of how-to videos that Judith De Paris, an online tichel seller, has up, explaining how to put on the various styles of scarves that she sells.  She sells a lot of scarves that are cut specifically for head covering, so they have different shapes and whatnot, and I imagine that a quick how-to is quite useful.

 (I've never bought or made a scarf in one of these styles, as I generally try to be pretty thrifty, and these tend to be a little more money than I want to invest in one scarf.  I have thought about making one, in one of the styles.)

However, these how-to videos all basically say "this is the one right way to wear this thing".

I've got to disagree.  This is the simplest way to wear that scarf.  It's the most obvious.  But the only way?  No.

I want head covering to be a way that I express my creativity.  It's a way of bringing your own sense of beauty and artistry into this mitzvah on a daily basis (or however often you cover, or however often you find time and inspiration to be creative with it).

I want to ask those videos- can I mix this specialized item with another regular scarf?   What about with additional accessories?  Can I fold it up in some way if I feel comfortable showing some of my hair, and want to, that day?

 I want to have fun, not just be beautiful in a prescribed way.  This is my adult woman's version of dress-up.  Does this scarf play nicely with others?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Turban-Style Wraps

As I return to a realistic schedule, I'm working my way back to blogging.  Here are some of the wraps I've been playing with lately.  I'm experimenting with some scarves in more turban-like styles.  (If there's a technical definition of a turban, I haven't found it yet.)  Here's what I've been coming up with.  Please tell me what looks worth repeating, or if better instructions might make it worth trying yourself.  Pictures are always welcome too.

1. This one looked a little wimpy without the pin, but I quite like it with.  It's done with a scarf folded into a triangle, with the point facing the face, and the wide part at the back.  The ends wrap around, and the twist at the front is the wide/third point of hte triangle, twisted back and tucked.  I set it a little to the side, for better effect.
 I also played with some variations with the front corner folded under instead, but I'm not finding a good picture right now.

 2. Here's another start-from-the-back turban, done with a large rectangular scarf, twisted, with the twist brought around the back.
 I really like the back.  I'm less sure about the front.  It may take more experimentation.
 Here's the other side, where the twist doesn't show so much.

One of the interesting things about these wraps is how much less tying and knotting there is.  They felt pretty secure while I was playing with them.  I haven't done a full day wear yet.

3. This last one, I have worn all day a few times.  It's a bit closer to my usual- I found a how-to video somewhere, I'll have to dig it up again.  It starts in front, criss-crosses the ends in back, and brings them forward and ties a knot at the top of the head (usually to one side a bit), then tucks the ends back in, in back or wherever.  It's very fast and easy, and looks pretty good, I think.  It is a bit tricky to get tefillin on over this one, though, like with most styles that put bulk over the head rather than around the bun.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hat Attack: Breaking Radio Silence To Participate

I said I'd continue to be away this week and probably next, but the Style Crone is putting together a first-of-the-month round up, asking for the display of "your hat, headwrap, headpiece, fascinator, hair flower, headband or other adornment for your head".  It sounded too good to miss out on.  So without further ado, here's today's scarves.