Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Ambivalence About How-To Style Videos

I just came across a bunch of how-to videos that Judith De Paris, an online tichel seller, has up, explaining how to put on the various styles of scarves that she sells.  She sells a lot of scarves that are cut specifically for head covering, so they have different shapes and whatnot, and I imagine that a quick how-to is quite useful.

 (I've never bought or made a scarf in one of these styles, as I generally try to be pretty thrifty, and these tend to be a little more money than I want to invest in one scarf.  I have thought about making one, in one of the styles.)

However, these how-to videos all basically say "this is the one right way to wear this thing".

I've got to disagree.  This is the simplest way to wear that scarf.  It's the most obvious.  But the only way?  No.

I want head covering to be a way that I express my creativity.  It's a way of bringing your own sense of beauty and artistry into this mitzvah on a daily basis (or however often you cover, or however often you find time and inspiration to be creative with it).

I want to ask those videos- can I mix this specialized item with another regular scarf?   What about with additional accessories?  Can I fold it up in some way if I feel comfortable showing some of my hair, and want to, that day?

 I want to have fun, not just be beautiful in a prescribed way.  This is my adult woman's version of dress-up.  Does this scarf play nicely with others?

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