Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Playing With Accessories and Trimmings

This is going to be quite a picture-heavy post.  I've been thinking about the incredible things that you can do with some ribbon, so I put on a one-scarf turban, and played with some different pieces of ribbon (and a few other trimmings I had around).  I wanted to take a look at how much of a difference details can make.  I look forward to hearing your input.
Here's what I started with:

First, I did two variations with a narrow navy blue ribbon.
 I particularly like the criss-cross effect in this one.  I'd like to play with more effects in this style- keep your eyes peeled (at least if it goes plausibly well).
Then the effect of adding just one wrap around of different ribbons at different points:

 Finally, a very long, wider ribbon (this one's about an inch or more wide- you can see, this much of it really dominates and transforms what's going on):

And then a few other accessories, since I was already playing, and wanted to show some other effects:

Some of the differences are subtle, others, more dramatic.  How different would the look need to be in order to wear the same scarf two days in a row? I'm thinking that ribbons are a lot easier to pack than whole scarves, especially the larger ones.

Of course, I'm not that efficient or planned-out a packer.  I throw things into a suitcase, and therefore often end up bringing more than I quite actually need.