Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Personal Introduction: The Story Behind the Blog

I've been interested in head-covering nearly since I first became observant, in college.  I started consistently covering my head to pray, study and make brachot in my Junior year of college, and being a pretty absent-minded person, I started leaving my covering on all day after a few months.  For a number of years, I covered using either a kippah or a folded scarf, tied "headband style".

While doing so, I entertained a significant amount of questioning and teasing.   New friends would tease about my marital status,  when I wore a scarf, no matter how folded.  When I wore a kippah, I sometimes felt like a walking educational experience.  From other passengers on airplanes to the security guard in the lingerie section of the department store, people came up to me, saying "I didn't know women wore those", or "are you going to be a rabbi?".

The thing is, while I did end up as a rabbi, I also have a pretty strong attraction to more traditional approaches to Jewish head-covering.  Since I got married last summer, I have been exploring approaches to covering my head that cover my hair, as well as my head.  I haven'tt decided what I think my minimum covering is, now that I'm married.  I enjoy wearing tichels, and experimenting with styling them.  In fact, I like it better than I ever liked doing my hair.  I have always loved textiles, and this is pretty much my perfect chance to explore and play with them.

My vision for this blog takes a variety of approaches to head-covering, to look at this practice from many different angles (I believe in holistic thinking).  My goals are:
-To look closely at the halakhic texts that discuss head-covering and its various functions.  I want to come up with a vision of how head-covering can function within an egalitarian world-view (as mine is), without abandoning its basis in halakha and tradition.
-To share some of my more successful experiments in head-covering style, through pictures and tutorials.
-To talk about my own experiences, social and spiritual, with head-covering, and to bring together others' stories and experiences.
-To be open to both more and less traditional approaches to head-covering.
-To include a variety of resources for head-covering.

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