Monday, November 19, 2012

More Shabbos Styles

This is three scarves, layered, with the ends hanging down in the back, secured by a hair elastic.  
 And from the back:
This is from Friday night:
 And here's the back:  This is my first attempt to play with "scarf stuffing"- I have a rather bulky scarf underneath the one you see (you can see the very front of it, in the picture above).  I tried putting my bun, and thus the padding, higher up, which is how I often see that look, but I couldn't get it to work quite right, and shabbos was quickly approaching- so back to my usual location it was.  I like the look, although it puts a bunch of weight fairly low down on my head.
Where do you put your bun/ponytail/etc under a scarf?  Low down, mid-range, up high?

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