Thursday, May 9, 2013

Shabbos Tails

This was a recent Shabbos style- two scarves, one headband.  The fun is that all the "work" is done with one scarf, with one tail wrapped over the head.  The other scarf just weaves in and out of that band, ties behind the ear.  It makes a nice accent on the head, and some bulk below for those of us who sometimes miss having hair hanging down.
 It makes a lot of effect in front, without a lot of layers to have to worry about.  And it adds some height without being overwhelming.

I tend not to like tails hanging down for work days, they tend to say romantic rather than professional to me.  For shabbos or a party, I adore them, and this style definitely provides.
 This is a side view, so you see how the thing came together structurally.
And apparently, neither Haggai nor I noticed that I had a tag sticking up...  Oh well.  You see my flaws as well as my creativity.

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