Sunday, June 2, 2013

Looking for Input: Covering and Grey Hair

Dear Readers,
I recently read a post about styling grey hair, with a lot of thinking about whether or not to dye graying hair.  I was wondering if any of you had any input about how covering your hair impacts how you feel about or handle your graying or gray hair.

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  1. I plan to gray naturally... until I change my mind LOL

  2. I love you how you put it, howgiyoret! That's my plan as well. I can get very preachy about the matter ("I like how God made me!"), but it's easy for me to do that since we gray very late in our family. I think society has set up impossible standards for who gets to have gray hair and who doesn't. Many women gray in their late 20s and 30s, but the social culture is not accepting of that--which is a shame :/--but does influence the decisions of women to go ahead and dye. And once you start...

  3. If you don't cover your hair and everyone can see the gray, prejudice is common. A person with gray hair is perceived as older, less energetic, of lesser value to the organization. Sad but true in the business world.

  4. I gray naturally and have been since my late 20's but at a very slow rate. I am currently 38 years old. My husband supports it and it is the way HaShem is intending it to be. Since I cover my hair, but even if I did not, others opinions hold no weight in the matter especially since Mishlei 16:31 gives such great insight. Shalom. :)