Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lazy Shabbos Outfit

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This is actually a previous shabbos- this week we were away at my husband's internship.  
This was a pretty lazy shabbos, in terms of picking outfits.  Here's what I wore with this covering.  A favorite, very comfortable dress, and a multicolored shirt, along with a necklace that came from my grandmother at some point (I really, really don't know when- when I was quite little, I think), and earrings Mom picked out for me on a family vacation ages ago.

The covering itself is fairly homogenous in colors, although there are two scarves going on there.  I wanted to play with having less contrast.
But to make this special for shabbos, (and to add a little excitement) my friend the purple clip came back out.  Surprise!

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