Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Some Thanksgiving for Headbands

Here are some photos from Thanksgiving.  I went with a very simple covering: one scarf and one headband (the white is just a cloth headband).  Headbands have been a nice way for me to give some excitement to my coverings as I try to get dressed pretty quickly with the baby.  This scarf is black on the sides and striped down the middle, which also jazzes things up a bit.
 Hopefully these photos will be a good return to the Style Crone's Hat Attack, after many months' absence, even if they're not taken today- that probably wouldn't get done in time...
 I don't usually include other people n these photos- but here is both the front view of my tichel and a photo I adore- 4 generations of eldest daughters- even if the youngest is just a bit blurry.
I found a Mishnah that is really interesting to consider in light of what I've learned about Middle Eastern and North African Jewish head coverings.  I've learned it before, years ago, but having done that bit of research, it means much more to me now, and makes more sense- when I first saw it, it seemed quite hard to understand. I'm not sure when I'll be able to write that up, but I'm hoping to do so, as I think it will be really worthwhile.  

Also in the coming attractions: an interview (done rather a while ago), more on toupees and tefillin (and the impact that source might have on wearing scarves and tefillin), and eventually more historical head coverings.  Maybe there's interest in very fast coverings that still look exciting?  I can't be the only one short of time and still hoping for some aspect that I can make look snazzy...


  1. So happy to see you pop up on Hat Attack! Love the headband with scarf and the photo of your family. Thank you for sharing.