Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Shiny for Shabbos

My mother gave me this scarf, which is rather large, but amazingly shiny, with pretty remarkable fringe (you can see it a bit in the last picture).   It's definitely not a weekday scarf- but for fancy, it is lovely.  The tie is very simple, and for once, here are pictures of me with a volumizer underneath.  

I did add a pin on one side- I think it's also from my mom.

It matched my necklace perfectly.


  1. That is a lovely scarf! Can I ask - what kind of volumizer are you using? I've been covering for about a year and that is the look I'm trying to achieve. My hair is long and fairly fine and a normal "bun made with bobby pins" sags during the day. :-)
    Thanks! I've enjoyed reading your posts, just never commented until now.

    1. It's one of the ones from Wrapunzel- maybe the Ultimate shaper?

      Your hair sounds a lot like mine- long, fine, slippery.

      Glad to have you "aboard" as it were. Thanks for coming out of hiding!

  2. I've thought about buying one of those shapers! I have started using one of Wrapunzel's big, fluffy scrunchies and that helps with volume, but it is more time-consuming to arrange when trying to achieve a smooth look. And, while it is fun, I don't have so much free time to fiddle with it.
    Thanks for the helpful input!!