Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Twisty Crown at a Wedding

So I've been better about drafting some posts than putting them up.  And now that the holidays are starting to reach their close, I hope to be back to a regular posting schedule, finally- with texts, reflections, and all that jazz, along with "what I wore" style posts.  But first, you'll be working your way through a few wedding/festive coverings.  This one, and variations thereon, have been a shabbos, wedding, and yontif favorite for me, lately.

A while back, I showed some photos of a twisty crown, a dressy but not over-the-top style, good for folks who like a little height, but nothing too overwhelming.  Here's another time I used the same style, and produced something dressier.

 It's the same thing, with the only addition of a small headband in front of the twists.  It gives a little shine, and sets them off, so they're more visible.  Pair that with some makeup, jewelry, and dress clothes, and it made for excellent wedding-guest gear.

I just should remember to finally take the tag off that scarf...

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