Monday, September 30, 2013

More Wedding-Wear

I went to a lot of weddings this summer.  So now that wedding season is just about over (at least around here)- here's what I put together for another family wedding.  It's a bit quieter in the shiny front than many of my previous wedding choices, but brighter in actual colors.  The skirt I wore was a mixture of greens, which the accent scarf picked up just right.
 That's a dark pink pashmina, with a small light-green accent scarf.  Something about the roof of the semi-outdoor area where we took these made everything very pink.  I've already filtered these to make them less pink, if you can believe it...


  1. wow that is so beautiful I will have to try that for the next special occasion

  2. Thank you, April. I've been looking at your blog- I enjoy your taste as well. It's given me some nice ideas to play with.

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