Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hat Attack October

I'm job hunting, these days.  So here's what I wore for a day at home- at least, on my head.  After this, I'm off to the library.  More informative and reflective posts coming fairly soon.

But first, it's time to participate in October's Hat Attack, organized by the Style Crone.  I wonder who else will participate this month.  It would be awesome to have more scarf-wrappers and innovative head coverers involved...  So you might head over, check it out, and maybe participate yourself.
It's done with two scarves.
 But it's less fuss than wrapping all the tails up and over- that takes some fuss to make them all fit.  This is quicker and easier.  I'm also enjoying the chance to do more styles with hanging ends, which never felt quite right for work at the hospital.  Who knows what will be right for my next job?


  1. I love the two scarf head piece. Amazingly beautiful colors and patterns. Thank you for linking up to Hat Attack and hope that some of your followers will join in November. Good luck with job hunting!

  2. I love the scarves you've chosen, and the way you wrapped them. I wore scarves all through the '70's because I liked them. Although I don't cover my head for religious reasons, I love the look. Sometimes I feel too old and think people will assume I'm going through chemo, but I think I'm going to rethink that paradigm. If I like it, I like it. Period.

  3. Thank you both!

    Style Crone- I'm hoping so. I think it's a great project, and hope to continue contributing.

    And Jean- wrapping a scarf so that some hair shows (especially since you don't have any religious reason to cover), will make it clear that you're not undergoing chemo.