Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Experimental Tichel

This is something I put together a while ago, quite different from anything I usually do.
I started with the orange base scarf, then braided one side of that with a doubled-over scarf (the multicolored one).  Then I pulled the braid over my head.  But I now had some of that doubled scarf left over, and another orange tail.  So I twisted the orange tail with the dark red scarf, pulled it over my head, and braided the leftover red end with the leftover multicolored scarf.
Altogether, it felt like french braiding, only with scarves.  I liked how secure it felt.  It also reminded me of my mother doing my hair when I was a kid (which went on for quite a long time- through the end of middle school), so there was something nostalgic about it, too.
It made a higher and broader "crown" than many of the other styles I tend to wear, and at first I was a little insecure about it, but I did end up wearing it all day.  It held up well, and I might well do it again, if I can manage duplicating it.
What do you think- something worth practicing, and eventually making a tutorial for?  Something you'd try, or not?


  1. Maya I think the headwrap's extra height makes you look more regal! And yes, you should do a tut on it...

    1. Donna- thank you, for both the compliment and the encouragement. I'll get on practicing...