Thursday, March 31, 2016

Another Triple-Knot Variation

Back in this post, I showed you a style I was playing with, inspired by some one-knotted pictures I've seen through wrapunzel and its associated facebook group.  This variation uses three knots, close together, which creates a sort of setting for a horizontal pin, and maintains a low-key but visible asymmetry.

It is definitely a style to do with a sash/thin rectangular scarf, not with a full scarf- the knots, at least on me, get too big rather quickly with the sort of scarf that would cover my whole head unless it is Very, Very thin.  So far, I've been most successful with stretchy dollar-store scarves as my knotted scarf.  We'll see how less stretchy ones work.  Then, when I can find the time, perhaps a tutorial.
This pictures gives you a closer look.

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