Sunday, April 3, 2016

Colorful for A Rainy Day, With a Flower

 The day I wore this was rainy and overcast, and I'm pretty sure it was a day preceded by a bad night of toddler-sleep.  In other words, I needed what energy I could find, and somehow still had some to invest in my wrap.  So I did something spontaneous that came out a bit differently- I'd never put a flower up so high before.  But I think it worked- what do you think?
 I wore it with a sort of tunic-length sweater that my mom got for me (she finds many of my interesting clothes), and an old-standard of a skirt- khaki, sort of mermaid-shaped.  The sweater is bright (as you can see), but there wasn't a lot of zing happening in the clothes, although the sweater certainly helped the bright colors thing along.
 Without the flower, it looked pretty standard, though....

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  1. I love how you incorporated the flower into your wrap. The joy of spontaneity! Thank you for sharing your headwear with Hat Attack!