Tuesday, April 23, 2013

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Here are a couple of recent experiments, both with the same base scarf.  I haven't been doing daily photos.  I'll get back to those sometime soon.
Here's number one: An under-over woven band around my head, with the tails hanging at the sides.  I liked it, and the scarf didn't slip, either...
(The picture above somehow reminds me of countless pictures of me from my childhood, although I like it rather more than I liked those, at the time.)

And here's a regular style- base scarf and a band around it, but with a dollar-store cloth flower added around the back.  I hadn't realized how big this one was until I put it on, but I guess a little goes a long way, flower-wise.  If it were smaller, I might have put it closer to my face.  Since it was a dollar though, I can afford the occasional experiment, and have this for days when I feel like drama and excitement.

And with this flower, I've got sunshine on a rainy day....

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