Sunday, April 7, 2013

What We Get Away With

I've never been the most meticulous about my hair maintenance.  I've had long hair since I was quite young, so I've never had the need for more than two or three hair cuts a year, just to clean things up.  When I was young and had bangs, my mother used to trim them up herself.  I've never dyed my hair.  I rarely used to put it up in elaborate ways- I've never owned a can of hairspray.  I certainly don't wash it every day- I never have.

But I have to admit, when I'm short on time, or exhausted, or whatever other reason, covering my hair makes it a lot easier to push the boundaries on when I wash it just a little further than I could when outside people saw more than an inch or two of my hair.

True, for a long time, I used to cover a little bit, and sometimes, when my hair really needed a wash, I would braid it up with a scarf or a cap, and ta-da, it hid most of the offense.  (In fact, I had my hair done that way, and for Precisely that reason, when I met my husband.  It's a good thing he noticed the lack of ring, and went ahead and asked me explicitly whether I was single or not.)  But I was also quite concerned with not looking married, so I couldn't do that too often...  It kept me responsible.

Now, no one outside my home sees what state my hair is in.  Sometimes, I get lazy.

How has your hair-care changed, since you started covering?

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