Friday, April 26, 2013

Flattering Your Face

I've posted links to blogs that have talked about choosing hats that flatter your face, in the past.  Those have all been aimed a. at hats, b. at situations where you have hair coming out as well, and c. at a general audience.

I'd like to think about similar considerations for scarves.  What face shapes are best suited by building up height or by high or low buns?  Do layers of scarves draw attention in one direction or another that might interact with emphasizing different parts of your face?  What about creating dangling tails or a more tailored look, bringing the eye up?  How do all these things interact?  What impact do accessories have?

The problem is, I don't really understand this business of face shape, in its complexities.  So it's hard for me to think about what sorts of things flatter what face shapes.  So I'm hoping to start experimenting on my friends (and any other volunteers), to start forming some ideas.

In the meantime, any thoughts you, my dear readers, might have would be very welcome.  What styles suit your face, and what don't?  Do you sometimes choose a "less flattering" style because you just like it, or because it sends the right social message, or because it's comfortable, or for some other reason?


  1. I think color makes a difference, as well as the style you select. If you have a round face, then some height with the scarves would make the face look thinner. On the other hand, a long, thin face could use some width at the sides, and a hat with a big brim would be flattering. Jackie Kennedy used little pill box hats to wear with her outfits, but that didn't cover too much hair. I think you have to experiment, as you have, get feedback from your friends, and go from there. You look terrific in all your pretty scarves.

  2. I'm fairly convinced that the whole "face shapes" thing is a total crock. Unless a person's face really is distinctly shaped, most of us are just vaguely oval, you know? (That said, one of the reasons I often wear an updo is because I find that volume atop the head brings attention to my eyes. I imagine if I covered I'd try to create the same effect.)

  3. Hi, would you know what kind of tichel style would flatter a square face with a strong chin? I have found advice on hijab websites, but it all amounts to 'cover your chin to give yourself a more oval look' or 'wear it so that you have lots of folds beneath your chin to give yourself a more feminine face".
    None of this applies to tichels.

    1. Deducing from things said about hats, I would think that styles that have some asymmetry or softness would be places to start trying out styles.

      This isn't my strongest suit. Perhaps the ladies at might be of help, though- they're stronger style mavens than I am.

  4. I am new to head covering and still trying to sort it all out. This question is of great concern for me because just this week I applied for a new job, at a well know organisation. It is my second attempt at my dream job from when I was little, so looking professional is weighing heavy on me. The bandannas just will not cut it.
    I have a very Scandinavian face shape and any weight shows there. I have always worn my hair long because it frames my face and makes it not so round. The only problem is, I have always Hated hair in my face so it always got pulled back.
    I am sure my frustration and pain with what to do about my hair is showing and now I get to explore it in regards to head covering. It has been fun and very trying sense I know nothing about this and take issue with modern fashion here in America (far from modest and I tend to run the other way when the word fashion is even used).
    All that said I found two links that are vary similar in information but are both geared toward covering for hair loss. I hope they help anyone else struggling with this question.