Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Favorite Shabbat Style

We're at least in theory (note the likely weather- there's supposed to be quite a bit of snow overnight) heading out for a shabbos at a shul out of state, so before I head off (tomorrow), and only one day late for the StyleCrone's Hat Attack, here's a favorite shabbos style of mine.  You've definitely seen it before, but I like the color combination here.  
 I find this style to be a good Shabbos default for me.  It is simple enough to do that I can put it on in a rush on a Friday afternoon, but between some sparkle in the scarves and the height it adds, it feels formal as well. It has layers and color-contrast, but is less persnickety than a wrap with all the tails layered over the head (making it faster, for me, than a full six color swaps, or layers, or whatever you want to call that).
 These scarves are Israeli ones- bought for quite little while I was in Israel, way back when, and with a coarse enough texture that they stay in place really well.  But I've done this with a pretty wide variety of scarves.  In fact, someone at my husband's internship pulpit asked if I always wore my tichels like this...
And here's one taken with a flash.  Who knows which is "more accurate"?


  1. It is a really pretty style. I love the twist part!

  2. I love the twists and the shape of your headwear. You are very creative and I appreciate that you shared your talent with Hat Attack. Thank you!