Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Low-Effort Shabbos Style

Even though it's only Tuesday, here's a Shabbos style- from last Shabbos.
I was planning something rather different and more complex when I started this wrap.  It's just a turban with some tails hanging, really.  And the tails just looked so fun, as I went, that I decided to run with it.  \
Then I added a pin to help keep the tails in place, and to dress things up just that little bit.  It's not a pin that I can use on a scarf very often, since it dangles.  This just worked out perfectly.
As you can see from the other side, it's really a very basic thing- one scarf, the other narrow one over, then the tails of the first brought over, and all tied together on the side.  
It's always nice when I have enough time to actually take pictures of my shabbos evening outfit and covering.  Often enough, there isn't really quite the time.  No matter when I start, things do seem to just grow into the time available, don't they?


  1. This is my favorite look on you. The colors look great and, with the pin, just looks so chic and rich.

    1. Thank you so much! I really liked this one too- I'm glad to see my taste seconded.