Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Colors of the Sunrise Wrap

 This is a re-do of a shabbos day covering I put together.  Somehow, it was just a bit better the day of, but I like the re-do, too.  It was a rainy, dark day, and I was feeling tired by it.  Then I put together an outfit that was all blacks and browns- so I decided I needed something really bright and cheerful on my head.  This is the result.  And since today is cold, if sunny, it felt like a good time to put up something warm and colorful.

One pashmina, two narrow scarves (too narrow to use on their own), and two yards of lace ribbon.

The first time I did it, it stayed nicely.  Then I accidentally mussed it up, and it kept slipping for the rest of the day.  Hence- this is a reconstruction.


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  3. That looks neat. I wear coverings also from the mennonite faith and I could never get all that to stay well. :)

    1. Ginny- it takes practice, that's for sure. To me, Mennonite coverings always look so impressively stable, when I'm positive that putting something on my head that starts that far back would just slide right off. So perhaps we can be a mutual appreciation society.

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