Thursday, June 7, 2012

What I Wore 3: For Cooking and a Party

Today, although it is set to be a day full of cleaning, cooking and then hosting a sheva brachot meal (i.e. I may well change later), somehow inspired some creative scarf-tying, perhaps because my dress is rather hard to match to (it's a sort of purply-brown with yellow and chartreuse designs).  This is another 3 scarf combination- I was watching some videos on (more about that later) which have inspired me in that direction, lately, although I haven't quite tried her effect yet.  I want to- sometime soon.  There are actually a few styles that I want to play with in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled...

In any case, this is 3 triangles, with the smallest thereof (the bright green, which is silk, but bandana-sized) folded up like a headband, and all layered over eachother- blue, green then red.  The red I made myself- meaning that I got a yard of fabric from a store specializing in African fabrics, cut a triangle out of about half of it, and then hemmed it.  Pretty easy (probably easier if you have a sewing machine), and cheap...

So here it is.  Front:
 And a not-very-clear shot of the back.  Sometime I'll do this with the camera and not my webcam, and then there will be slightly better-quality pictures, I dearly hope.  (Also stay tuned for such a re-do of the way I did my tichel for the wedding we went to on Sunday.  There wasn't a chance to photograph it properly then, but it was deserving of documentation- I was pretty proud of the effect, and done with all hand-me-down items from family too...)

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  1. Rivka Malka lives here in B'more! I've seen some of her tichel arrangements in person, they're very impressive.