Monday, June 18, 2012

What I Wore: Shabbat With Mom

My mother spent the weekend with us, so this Shabbat's pictures are courtesy of her photography.  So they'll be more artistic than I manage on my own, or even my husband's helpful photography- especially since she just gave me a beautiful hand mirror, and we decided to incorporate it into our little just-before-shabbat photo shoot.
First off, what is fast becoming my classic angle:
 And seen through a mirror (hopefully, not darkly):

 Here's the back view.  This is one rectangular scarf, tied first, containing my bun, with a decorated (by hand) triangular scarf on top.  Then I twisted the ends of the two scarves together, and criss-crossed them over my bun, to create a loose ponytail effect, showing off the extent of the rays of turquoise ribbon I'd sewn onto the scarf.
 Here's a (slightly fuzzy) view of some of what I was wearing with it, and the general gestalt.
And finally, a quick view, through the looking glass, of my photographer.

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