Sunday, June 24, 2012

What I Wore: Shabbat Again, Part 1

Friday night:
We were on our own for shabbos dinner, and sometimes it's nice to go easy.  This isn't a style for anyone who covers all their hair, or for anyone with short hair.  But it's a nice, easy variant that covers the head well, and still restrains the hair, without covering it entirely.  While we didn't actually go out this Friday night, I do wear this out, on occasion.

It can also be worn with only one scarf, either using each tail of the scarf as one strand of the braid, or by splitting the hair into two sections, and using the scarf tails as one strand of the braid.  The effects are a little bit more obvious with more differentiated colors of scarves.  Since this week, I went with dark colors, here's a close-up:

And a profile, to show the little headband I added, for a brighter color:
Someday, I should learn some more complex, multi-stranded braids, and try out some of those: it seems like it could be quite pretty.

Stay tuned for Shabbat, part 2: Maya and a hat!


  1. This is my favorite...just beautiful! AmieJune 24, 2012 at 12:55 PM

    Many are quite lovely. I seem to favor the ones with material down the back, a little dressier look. Your imagination is wonderful!

  2. Thank you, Amie! It's interesting- I tend to think of the ones that provide more height as being dressier, perhaps because I associate hair put up on the head as dressier than wearing it down, which was always my default. What makes material hanging down seem dressier to you? I do like the look of it.