Monday, August 6, 2012

Busy Day "Do"

Here are some quick shots of today's head covering.  Besides being a quick and easy option, with a little bit of excitement, it was also what I wore as a Conservative rabbi at the "Modern Orthodox Siyum HaShas" (not that I've done daf yomi).  
 I was thinking, this morning- maybe we should do a photo series, of women with various head coverings with tallit/tfillin?  I know this blog isn't only supposed to be about that, but since I've written about it once, it seems like a valuable thing to show the world.  Any opinions?  Volunteers?
Also, I wonder- I also intended to use this blog to show kippot that I've made, and the like, and yet I don't seem to do so.  Perhaps I should start putting them here as well as on ravelry.  I don't know.  It might be a nice change from just pictures of me in scarves all the time.

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