Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sowing Seeds

One of the women in the summer learning program I'm doing right now was in another such program (at a different institution) with me a number of years ago- the summer after year 1 of rabbinical school.  We hadn't been chevrusas normally, but learned together for a few days, when each of our usual chevrutas had been away.

At the time, I'd been wearing a lot of folded scarves as headbands, as my covering of choice.  I remember (now that she reminded me) talking about it together.

It turns out that she found the idea inspiring, and gave it a try- and has now been wearing a headband most of the time for some significant length of time.

I find the notion pretty exciting and inspiring myself- I love this practice, but never thought that simply talking about and explaining it might actually inspire anyone else to give it a try, much less for it to "stick" for them.

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