Friday, August 24, 2012

Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarves...

(Actually I never read that book.  Should I?)

Rather like the heat of the middle of summer, travel puts certain extra demands on one's head-covering.  Not only are you spending lots of time in one place, but, if you're anything like me, you want to be able to sleep on the bus/plane/train/car without your scarf/etc coming off.

My other pet peeve about traveling is that I want to be able to lean back (see: wanting to sleep) without my bun or other lumps getting in the way.  This is rarely a concern during my every day life, but during a bus trip, it's essential.  If you have short hair, this probably isn't a worry- but my hair is waist length (and I can't bear to cut it)- so even though it's quite fine in texture, it makes a solid lump at the back of my head.

My solution: I braid my hair tightly (to prevent knots), then tie a triangular scarf.  I fold the braid into a vague bow shape- so that some is on the right, and some on the left, vaguely balanced.  Then I take the bottom corner of my scarf and, keeping the braid inside, tuck that corner under the knot of my scarf.  Basically, I make my own snood.  (If I had a real snood, I'm sure that would work- but somehow, I don't.  I have some berets, but a. they're wool and it is still summertime, and b. they seem a little too short and tight over the ears to do this successfully.)

I generally leave the scarf ends to dangle- I've tried making them into a small crown, but they tend to fall down at some point.  So, in the spirit of simplicity, I just left them down this time.

Here's me, home again:


  1. Why not wrap your braid over the top of your head to create a "crown" then cover with a under cap and then a tichel tied to allow the tip of the triangle to hang free in the back? Yes, you would have some extra height but no discomfort when leaning back!

    1. That sounds like a great idea, if probably a little heavy on bobby pins (my hair is pretty slippery. Have you done this? I'll give it a try the next time I travel, and report back. (Although I don't actually have any under caps... Maybe if I did, it would keep the braid in place?)

      Anyways, extra height is generally a bonus, for me. I'm 5'3", and my husband is over 6', and I hate wearing heels.