Monday, August 13, 2012

In Lieu of Wedding Photos

I haven't uploaded the photos of my head covering from yesterday's wedding yet (much less tried to find photos and get permission to show you some of the other exciting head coverings from that wedding), so here's today's tichel, and a promise that this one was praised in person, and, I think, worth a short wait.
I find it interesting to interact with other people around my head coverings.  Is a "thank you" all I should say in response to praise, or is it worth mentioning this blog, or adding a comment about how much fun I find it, or something about its significance?  I tend to gush, then to feel awkward about it after the encounter.  As usual, no one answer is the "right" answer- but I look forward to developing a better sense for feeling out good ways of responding in each new situation.

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