Sunday, January 27, 2013

Another Week Goes By

Sunday: (Scarf and scrunchie)
 Monday: (two scarves- the bottom one is tucked in to make sure my bun doesn't come out, the top one makes a "ponytail", and the tails of both are twisted and wrapped around my bun and the ponytail.
This is a new style- I used this step-by-step tutorial to take my second scarf (a fairly thin rectangle) and make a braid down one side, then I positioned it over my first scarf so that the braid ran down the side of my head.  I left both sets of tails hanging, and the lengths worked out to layer nicely.  I wish the pictures were a little clearer- maybe I'll attempt better photography with this style sometime soon.
Wednesday we had an alarm-clock mishap, so I never got a photo.  So here's Thursday (a day of working at home, relaxing, and a show/presentation in the evening):

And Friday:  This is the same style as Tuesday, only with all my ends tucked in.  It's a slightly different look.  I'm still experimenting, and hoping to put together a how-to video sometime soon.

Also, look forward to some links and reactions coming fairly soon!

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  1. I love the longer scarf look; seems more complete somehow. Your ideas are great!