Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Keeping It Simple This (Last) Week

Here's my slightly belated photos from last week.  Enjoy!

Sunday (obviously, a working Sunday): I liked the way the very simplest way of tying my scarf actually suited  the outfit nicely.
And a second photo, just because:
 Tuesday: (In which I wrap very simply, because I wanted attention on my vest, not my head- wearing the vest on its own, rather than with the blazer I wore on Monday was an experiment)
Wednesday: Here I strayed from "keeping it simple" and did a two-layer combination, with only one end of the long underscarf showing, braided up with the ends of the (square, folded to a triangle) over scarf.
Thursday: Inspired by Wednesday, I did another braid- but wrapped it up over my bun.  I hooked my additional 2 small scarves for the braid over my bun, tied once beneath, and braided away, then wrapped the whole thing over the bun, for something that looks simpler than it is.  It's a little hard to see, but hopefully this gives you a taste:
Friday: (a day off): (A small triangular scarf, with the ends tucked in, and a scrunchie around it, although it's hard to see it here, in tribute to Andrea's discussion of using scrunchies in headcoverings.

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  1. These are great - love the fringe on the first one and the braid around the bun! And of course the scrunchie :P