Sunday, January 20, 2013

What Do You Get From Covering?

This post about wearing hijab is really very thoughtful, while still being an easy read.  I think a lot of it holds true for Jewish (married-woman style) head covering too.  Here's my favorite line: "Although nobody on the outside could see my hair, my appearance underneath can still hold as much significance as I want to give it."  My image of myself is both ways that I see myself in the mirror- hair covered (in all its different silhouettes) and uncovered and loose and down past my waist.  It's as important to me as it ever was- even if none of you ever see it again.  

The other thought I wanted to draw out is "I choose who sees what’s under there and that gives me a sense of power and reassurance I wouldn’t trade for anything".  Clearly, it doesn't speak so much to wearing a kippah, but it's an interesting set of ideas to think about.  Much of what's said could go for any modesty practice, but there's something about choosing to cover a part of the body that isn't in the secular vocabulary that is particularly vocal- especially, for me, in speaking to myself.  It's a message that I hear most from my head covering, far more than the rest of my modesty-fueled clothing choices.  

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