Friday, January 4, 2013

This Week's Collection

Sunday (a working Sunday, this week)  The colors are fairly pastel (as pastel as I ever get, pretty much), so they're hard to tell apart here, but this is two scarves, one green and brown, the other mostly pink and white):
Monday (Work in the afternoon and evening- I'll be coming home as people are having their New Years parties):
Tuesday (Very tired, after a being at work for the evening, and our neighbors playing very loud music for much of the night, so this is a very simple scarf and a scrunchie):
Wednesday our alarm didn't go off- so no picture (and a pretty basic covering too, as I got myself out the door in about  minutes- a lot of things got done on the train, like figuring out what I was doing with the tails of my scarf...)
And Friday, a day off (nothing special, but you can probably start to tell :how much I like this scarf)

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