Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Week's Round Up

I never got photos on Sunday.  It was a very quick covering in the morning for hanging around and then a trip to Goodwill, then something snazzier for a function for my husband's school.

Monday: Two long scarves, layered, and formed into a twisted bun, with one end pulled through.

Tuesday:  A rectangular scarf, then a small scarf made into a headband, then the ends of first scarf tucked over my head.  Fast but nice.

Wednesday: One square scarf with the ends wrapped over my head over a second rectangular scarf, it's ends wrapped around my bun.  

Thursday: Two scarves, one square, with the ends pulled up (one flat, one bunched), and a smaller rectangular one done as a headband, with the ends down.  I couldn't decide if I should let them flop on their own (see picture 1), or pull them to the side (picture 2).  There's a small headband on there too, but it isn't showing in the pictures.  But I basically grabbed my elements (scarves 1 and 2, and the headband), tied the first scarf, and did the rest on the train, today.

Friday: Two layered scarves- one rectangle and one square, with a third rolled up and added for some variation in color.  The ends hang down.

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