Sunday, March 10, 2013


Once in a while, I start to feel like I'm doing the same things with my head, over and over again.  I feel that way about clothing rather more often (I'm less experimental with clothes, especially work clothes.)  I just get bored.  I slip into the same style, over and over again.

And I have No ideas for what to do to change things up.

Whether it's a simple bun style, or a multitude of different layers, I get "stuck".  I need some new inspiration.

Sometimes I find that inspiration in blog posts, especially at Wrapunzel or Rivka Malka, or some of the hijab videos I find on youtube.  (Do any of you know of good covering-related websites with inspiring photographs?)

Other times, I find that inspiration after a week of dull wraps, and a half an hour of play and experimentation in front of my mirror, creating a variety of ideas that don't work, and one or two that do.

Sometimes I find inspiration in leafing through old pictures of myself, and noticing an idea that I used to wear all the time, then forgot about when I got excited about something new.

 Sometimes I see someone wearing something interesting at shul or on the train, that I want to check out for myself.

How do you re-find your inspiration?

P.S. And for an unrelated other sort of inspiration, because I saw it and loved it: How are nail polish and tefillin connected, and how could that possibly be inspiring?


  1. I find my inspiration comes from the scarves themselves. I have a rather large collection, and some shapes/lengths lend themselves to specific wraps. Sometimes I combine different shapes to come up with a new wrap.

    I also love finding ways to incorporate various trims from my sewing box.

  2. I just wanted to share how much I have been enjoying your blog since I found it a few weeks ago. Your combination of head-covering inspiration and thoughtful intellectual discussion appeals to me very much. (And thank you so much for sharing the link to the Velveteen Rabbi!)