Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Head Last Week

Apparently, I only managed photographs for a couple of days, this last week- it was a pretty complex one, with a committee meeting, an evening conference, and the regular bunch of CPE assignments for me, and an interview for my husband.  So here's what I've got.  I'm trying to play with camera (or well, web-cam) angles.  Let me know if anything that's out of the ordinary looks like it's worth repeating.

Here's Monday, what I wore for my meeting with the committee: 

And now we skip to Thursday, where I was feeling very interested in comfort for CPE.  But I haven't done a braid in a long time, and this one was a nice change of pace.
 (Here the different angle shows you a quilt I made over the years from mid-high school through early rabbinical school, and a quick peek of my hula hoops, and also new earrings from my mother.)

 And here's Friday.  I left the tails unfolded when I wrapped them over my head, giving a different sort of silhouette.  I'm still not sure how I feel about fringes on my square scarves, but it's an element to play with.  How do you make use of or hide fringe?


  1. I like all the layers on that last one. I usually just shove fringes in under the scarf, they bother me if they dangle much.

  2. You rock! Really like all of these styles on you!