Friday, March 22, 2013

Another Week, Another Batch of Pictures

Sunday: This is two rectangular scarves.  The bottom one has one end brought over the second, then the remaining three tails are braided, and wrapped around my bun.  One of them- the red scarf that you see less, is two-thirds red stripes, and one third light blue stripes, which gave me a three-colored braid.  It's an arrangement that can be really useful, but also a little awkward.  Nevertheless, these Israeli scarves are major staples of my scarf wardrobe because they stay on so well, are light-weight in the summer, don't slip, and are quite flexible.  (I wore the red scarf again on Monday, and the purple again on Thursday...)  

 Monday: Here's a scarf in a standard bun arrangement, but with a black lace headband arranged over it, farther back than my usual placement.  This was an attempt at using the same very basic ingredients to do something just a little bit different.  Sadly, the picture isn't very clear, but I hope you can get the idea.

Tuesday: Scarf and lace headband in front.  I'd worn a brown blazer with pale embroidery for work, but I didn't get around to taking a picture until I'd already gotten cozy at home, so please, use your imaginations for the full effect.

Wednesday: Two scarves, one of them folded up into a headband, just to make a layer.  There was actually a scarf-braid that went with this, but I forgot about it while I was taking pictures...  (Also, my newest earrings, a gift from my mother.)  

Thursday:  CPE and traveling- definitely something I put together with ease for travel as my first priority.  I'm still going with pulling a braid over my head as my style-of-choice for travel.  I was worried about the bobby-pins, what with going through the metal detector, so I secured it with a headband instead.  This worked out surprisingly well- the headband came off eventually, but the braid stayed in place.
and Friday: At my in-law's.  A striped rectangular scarf, with one end brought over, and the other one twisted, then wrapped behind it.

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