Friday, March 8, 2013

And Another Week Goes By... Pictures

Sunday: (Obviously, a work Sunday): Two scarves with one end of each trailing.  Rather a different combination of colors for me.
Monday: This is a very "normal/boring" wrap using one long scarf- but with a clip to jazz things up in the back.  (This is, however, one photo I can't take by myself with the webcam.  Many thanks to my husband, who took this photo.)

 Tuesday: Triangular scarf with a small headband and a small gauzy scarf twisted up to make a headband with some height and color.
 Wednesday: Square scarf with a headband.
 Thursday: This picture is a bit vague, sadly.  This is three scarves, one long, one triangle, and one kerchief-sized square.  The long one is on the bottom, then the triangle, then one end of the long one is twisted with the (shiny) kerchief, and wrapped tightly around my head, so that it isn't too puffy.  It was subtle (each was patterned), but I quite liked it.
And here's Friday, on our way to my husband's internship again.


  1. Gosh you look beautiful! Love the new colour (purple really suits you!) and yay for wonderful husbands taking pictures of the backs of our heads :) Shabbat shalom!

    1. Thank you. I like purple- I think I wear a decent amount of it. What I really need/want is a dark/forest green scarf. That feels like gap in my "wardrobe".

  2. That clip is gorgeous, and the striped scarves look great!