Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Pop of Color, and Some Thoughts

Today we're starting our moving process.  We're moving just a few blocks away, so we're not renting a truck, etc, and instead are doing this in stages.  How many stages is yet to be determined.  We've acquired a hand-truck to help- but it will still be a ton of shlepping.  We'll see how this works out.

So my head-covering is fairly simple- it's going to be a hands-on kind of day.  On the other hand, I wanted to bring the colors from my t-shirt and my skirt together, somehow.  So I threw this together:

I just tied a scarf, as usual, then took a second one (in this case, a fairly thin one, since I wasn't looking for so much extra bulk), and wrapped it around my bun once to anchor it/shorten it a little so that it matched the length of the tails of the other scarf, then twisted them together, and wrapped them around the bun.

The result: what looks like one, plain scarf in the front, but provides a little surprise of color in the back.

And now for something completely different: I was reading a blog post reflecting on how socially important it is to be beautiful- but not to look like you care about it/work for it too much.  This is no surprise, I'm sure.  But it brought up all those questions about how I use appearance, and what sort of message this kind of blog sends.  On the one hand, for me, this is a hiddur mitzvah.  On the other hand, does it take head-covering and make it something more about attractiveness than about the religious and spiritual aspects of the practice?

I try to strike a balance, but given that a lot of my reflective capacity  has been involved in considerations about work for next year and moving, this week, there have been a lot of style posts, and certainly very little halakha or serious reflection.  Life tugs in different directions, and it needs to be able to adapt.  Still- I don't want this blog to turn into just a "how to make your head look pretty" blog- that isn't quite the point, for me.

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