Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Another Day, Another Covering

Just another quick peek at what I've done with my head today...  I seem to be pretty stuck on a "wrap some other colors around my head" kick- so, with the same skirt I wore for Shabbat and a purple t-shirt, here it is:
 So- what seems to be the usual 3 scarves, one tied bun-style, the other two folded up (One, the olive-green pattern, is a smallish square, folded in a triangle, than wrapped up into a tube, basically.  The other, blue and black, is a rectangle, loosely folded.), and wrapped around.  The difference this time is that I wrapped the rectangle around once, then layered the tube/square just behind that, then did up a second loop of the rectangle.  I think it avoids a little of the awkward backward projection that I got on Shabbat.
And here, from the back, you can see that the bulk of the thing is the dark red scarf, even if you can barely see it in the first photo.

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