Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Heads and History: A Silhouettes Sequel

Clearly, I like alliteration a little too much.  But anyway, back to business...

Here's some of my grandmother's input on the use of those padded-front scarves I was talking about:
Hi, Maya; Just read your current blog, and, for some reason, the head covering i see, in my mind, was in the gold/brown tone, with the padding in the front. We wore it to protect our hair do from the wind, or, perhaps, as a babooska in the rain...the one I'm visualizing might not be the one in your dress up chest...I think I had it when I wore a yellow raincoat and bought the scarf to go around my neck...can't really remember, but I do remember wearing scarves on my head, a little hair showing in the front, and the scarb going behind the ears and tieing in the back, on my neck, in a little knot. Wish I had a picture to demonstrate,but we didn't take many photos at that time, and I prob. would have taken off the scarf to show my hair, which was full and curley at that time.
I'm trying to think about why I thought about those sorts of scarves as what was "in" in the Jewish community- I think my mother-in-law mentioned it, from early in her marriage.

In any case, I did end up finding one of those scarves in my parents' attic, and borrowed it to photograph here.  So- here we go.

 It doesn't look so different, although the first time I put it on behind my ears, it had this sort of odd poke-back and ruffle look.  Somehow it didn't happen when I put it on for the camera.  The size and texture of the fabric, along with the color that this one happens to be, gave the back a rather sweet ruffled look when it wasn't tucked in- very innocent, which I found interesting.

The padding made the top rather hot, though.  I wonder if these were more favored for cooler weather.

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