Sunday, July 15, 2012


I finally wore one of those kippah+turban combinations out, this shabbos.  (You may remember, I experimented with a variety of ways to use a large cap/kippah in this post.)  While this was a full-sized scarf, this would work well with a thinner one, as well.
This was, I think, a success, even if I needed to fidget with it a little bit after these photos (note the uneven wrapping in the bottom right corner photo- I think I mostly fixed that).  Perhaps I'll keep a couple more of these kippot, rather than trying to find new homes for them... (Just, I think, the favorites- I don't know that this will be an every-day style.)

I enjoyed the chance to wear this kippah- it's one of my very favorites of the ones that I made, for some reason.  It isn't the most complex, or most colorful, and wasn't the most interesting to make, but there's something very attractive and satisfying about it.  Also, I like that green (obviously, based on looking at this outfit), and it's crochet thread that bought in Israel, of a sort I don't usually find in the US.

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