Sunday, July 22, 2012

Double Trouble Shabbat

We managed to get pictures of both my head-do's for shabbat this week, since I somehow managed to still be all "coiffed" at the end of shabbos.  However, those daytime photos come at the end of a day with a Lot of walking in it- we walked to have lunch with friends about 4.5 miles south of us, and then decided that hey, let's walk back too, instead of hanging around until the end of shabbat.  So- be merciful on the little strands of hair that are yearning for outer space, in those photos.

This was me going rather wild- there's a small scarf tied as a headband underneath it all, which you can barely see in these photos.  Then I put on a long rectangular scarf (blue and silver), and a folded smaller one  (pink and purple) around that.  I took a third scarf (light blue and black) and wrapped it around my bun once.  After that, I made two braids, each with one tail of each of the three scarves.  It was a lot of fun, but might have been a bit too much- I think I'd skip defining the bun, the next time I want to do scarf-braids.  On the other hand, as someone who lived in braided hair for years and years of my youth, it's fun to have some again, once in a while.  This was enough fun that it was totally worth it.

For daytime, I was more moderate than for Friday night.  I used two rectangular scarves, with one tied regularly, and the other sort of scrunched up, then tied a little behind it.  I twisted the tails together, and wrapped them around my bun. Then I topped it off with a dollar-store scrunchie.  I really liked the effect, and it brought together all the colors from my outfit.  (You can also see the progress of our packing and move in the background.  Sorry it's so chaotic.)

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