Friday, July 27, 2012

More Pictures of My Head

Another round of what I wore, from earlier this week.  (Today is a major push at the moving thing, plus a trip to the gym, and shabbos preparations- not an outfit that's real worthy of being seen, and I'm already all sweaty- we moved the first part of the bed this morning, and will do the rest this afternoon.  On the one hand- it's a lot lighter than we thought, and I can totally do it.  On the other hand- it's awkwardly shaped, of course, and it's fairly hot out.)

This is a mild experiment- I put on a small square scarf, very low down on my forehead, then rolled the front of my larger square scarf a little before putting it on at a normal place on my head- perhaps a little farther back than I might put a scarf to start with, regularly.  Then I folded the first scarf back over the larger one.

And then I had lighting issues with the webcam.  So- here is approximately the same pose, several  times over with various adjustments.  (So that you can enjoy my very minor trials and tribulations.)

And then, from the back it's just a regular old bun:
I'm always confused about the use of fringed scarves.  A lot of people really like them- but I'm always afraid that they look messy.  (It doesn't stop me from wearing them anyways, when I have them- this scarf, for example, was a birthday gift.)

In Coming Attractions: I have a post on the Ba"kh in progress, you should finally see some halakhic content here again either later today or (more likely) early next week.


  1. Are the fringed scaraves wide enough to be used as a shawl, a cover-up over sleeveless blouses? They can be pretty when worn this way.

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  3. They don't tend to be, for me. Also, I find that having one scarf on my head already, putting one around my neck/shoulders seems too busy, at least so far. That look can be very pretty- I wonder if it would work while wearing a hat...